Julija Kolega Halilovic, Melbourne

Atma Namaste Dear Hazel ji,

We’re so grateful to be able to study this miracle of Pranic healing. Last two weekends were so uplifting and truly healing for me and Besko.

First weekend I was there just on Sunday. It was like someone gave me  water after a long time in the desert. During the distant healing I was sending healing to my sister and to my boss who didn’t want to pay my holiday leave and few other salaries. I was just showering him with pink and imagining his heart becoming so big and kind in giving. That night i received a message from my sister after a long time and she told me she decided to do a healing course. This was a big step for her, since she was always thinking healing work is against her religion.

On Monday I came to work at the pharmacy and my boss (who usually avoids everyone because he  owes money to everyone) approached me with the list of the salaries he had to pay to me. He said he will pay by the end of the week and he did! But only to me!

I also asked to be provided with funds so I can do more courses, so on Wednesday my manager asked me to work one more day.

On Thursday I was working for myself at the naturopathic clinic doing holistic beauty and healing. That day I had 5 people booked for my treatments, and they were massages with  crystal healing. Next day I received a 3 calls from people who wanted me to come to give them a massage at their homes or to recommend me to some of their friends.

This is miracle to me, because it never happen before like this one after another.

At the Advanced weekend when we started during the meditation i had something coming out from my heart and want to go to cry it out, but i stayed inside. When that heavy feeling gone i felt like; i want to hug everyone, and how much love we all have stored in our hearts of fear not to be hurt.

The last big healing we had was Bust lift with cleansing the abdominal area. All day today(Tuesday) I feel like my abdominal muscles are more tight. Almost like i was exercising that area.

This morning I was running late for work and was practising the “orange on the wheels”. it was the big slow traffic but the line where i was somehow moved faster. I tried to put orange in the red light and the green came faster.

We are so grateful to be able to study this amazing knowledge. We came far to be able to do so. In our country we could only dream about it.

Dear Hazel ji we THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for the priceless blessings for spiritual growth and development and for spreading the teachings of Master Choa Kok Sui.


“ABSOLUTELT AMAZING IS THE WAY I WOULD DESCRIBE THE PRANIC APPS COURSE. I congratulate Dr Hazel for putting this together and simplifying the system and creating many applications for so many areas of one’s life along with finances, relationships and so many areas too numerous to mention. I strongly advise others to enroll for this course. You will never regret your decision. You will have so many tools to work with so easily, with easy to learn techniques for life. Just do it!!! Thank you, thank you thank you Dr Hazel so much.” Faye Taylor, New Zealand.

“What a smart and interesting course! People who do not want to become healers yet use the energy techniques for their day to day real life challenges, would love this course. Thank you Dr Hazel for designing this wonderfully useful and practical course” Sukhsharan Singh Arora. New Zealand.

“ I entered the Pranic Apps course full of stress and filled with negative thoughts due to my personal circumstances. Before the first morning tea break, Dr Wardha realized that I was struggling. She quickly narrowed and identified the issues I was facing without even knowing my problems. Throughout the course I felt that she kept an eye out for me to see how I was coping and helped me to get past my negative circumstances. The course was filled with life changing protocols and information that I am very sure will change my life and the life of others.” Indra Sharma. New Zealand.

“The course was good and we could work in a very direct and quicker way. I enjoyed he course and here were lots of examples given to show us how to use the techniques in our day to day lives.” Vanita Morar. New Zealand.

“Outcomes from attending Pranic Apps course were as follows:
At the emotional level:felt quite strong , relaxed and happy within
At the physical level: energized, no fatigue.
At the spiritual level: more connected to the Creator
EMPOWERED AT ALL LEVELS.” Daljit Arora. New Zealand.

“Feel empowered during the Panic Apps course. The course was presented with ease and the information provided is easily applied to all aspects of life and it is awesome. I entered the course with shoulder pain, which has significantly reduced. Concentration is much better.” Bhanumati Lallu. New Zealand.

“During the Pranic Apps course, I found that the techniques given produce fast and effective results. We do not have to spend hours treating different conditions. New students will find the compressed information more acceptable than an 8 day course.” Saroj Singh. New Zealand.

“The Pranic Apps course was very meaningful and the techniques produced fast healing on self and others. My wishes were materializing my wishes. I feel lots of peace, happiness and am full of energy. I am ready to heal others and teach this work in future. I definitely believe that this course is going to bring happiness and joy and a heavenly kingdom on earth.” Atrayee Roy. New Zealand.

“The Pranic Apps course introduced new and effective and fast acting protocols.” Pavitra Roy. New Zealand.

“The new techniques are fast acting and easy to follow and I learned new ways to heal my home and office.” Ruchita Gupta. New Zealand.

 Chiari Malformation, by Mary Anderson, Melbourne.

My daughter was diagnosed with Chiari Malformation type 1 in August 2003. Chiari Malformation Type 1 is a herniation of the hind brain into the foramen magnum. Her herniation was 5mm, she suffered headaches, blurry vision, double vision and photophobia. Her diagnosis was picked up on MRI scanning. Since diagnosis my daughter has had 6 weekly visits to the osteopath for cranial treatment, and she has had pranic healing treatments done on her weekly by myself. My daughter attended the Pranic healing energy play workshop last year and has since then practiced pranic breathing on a regular basis. She meditates on the full moon once a month. My daughter also is an altar server at our local church, and has sponsored a child from Kenya, she pays for this through odd jobs around the house that would normally be pocket money. A 6 monthly check of her Chiari Malformation 2 weeks ago showed that her herniation is now only 3mm. This is now only borderline Chiari. Usually herniations worsen over a period of time, rarely do they improve so quickly. A difference of 2mm is a vast improvement. How proud I am of my daughter who at only 11 can practice cleansing through breathing exercises, can practice service through her help with church, and can practice tithing by sponsoring a child. She will have an amazing life ahead of her.

Burnt Hand, by Margaret Scott, Melbourne.

I spilt the jug of gravy over my hand Christmas night as we were serving the dinner. Entire hand, fingers, felt it burning and blisters starting. Threw it under the cold tap and with my right hand did full on pranic healing. Was hard to concentrate with the pain. We had no gravy with dinner but with ice and intermittent pranic all night. The next day my sister -in -law phoned to see how it was and the size of the blisters. To her and my amazement I had forgotten how bad it was and had no blisters , a slight line across palm distinguishing the burn line. and hand just felt a little stiff. But no obvious evidence of burn. In fact my husband didn’t believe I was burnt and was not sure what my sister- in -law was on about. She enlightened him, and he was impressed with the results

Dysmenorrhea, by Margaret Scott, Melbourne.

I was at the beach with my son’s 17 year friends – one girl got very pale and was cramping severely. The lads asked me to look at her. It was “Period Pain”, so the lads took off, and I was left sitting on the esky 30 degree day at the beach at Woolami doing pranic healing. After I finished, I sent her off for a walk along the waters edge. She came running up the beach 30 minutes later, said she felt so much better, normally feels very bad for 2 days.

Next day similar situation with other son’s girlfriend. She also responded within the hour.

Trauma on goat, by Conie Walker, Melbourne.

Two weeks ago my pet goats were attacked by a dog (not mine) and severely injured (ears bitten off) and traumatised. Intense pranic healing was done on them while attending the animals with the vet. I continued to treat them several times per day and also played “OM – sound of Mala” in the paddock where the attack happened 2-3 times per day for several days to clear out the trauma. My goats are well recovered physically and psychologically. Goats can go into severe shock and die quite quickly. The vet also warned of likelihood of infection ( and death). I am pleased to say that there was no infection and no fly/maggot problem (which the vet also warned about). I’m sure the shields worked! Also the frequent and intense cleansing / energizing treatments.

Cigarette addiction, by Mary Symes, Mildura.

Thank you for the wonderful Psychotherapy course. I would like to let you know that it has been very helpful for me and has helped, or stopped, me from having a cigarette since the course and for the last many months. I would be considered a smoker with a very strong addiction and have unsuccessfully given up a few times. At the course I organized my thoughts of my wish and healing’s around being free of this addiction .

Improvement in fuel economy, by Rose Connell, Mildura.

My husband owns a truck business and used Pranic healing fuel economy treatment protocol. He treated the diesel tank of a truck and saved 40 liters which equates to over $50.00 as diesel in Mildura is nearly $1.13 a litre.

Cancer tumors, by Ian Ashman, Mildura.

In June of this this year my mother started bleeding from her vagina and was taken to the Mercy hospital to determine the problem. After some testing she was moved to the Peter Mac hospital where she spent 3 weeks undergoing more tests and radiation therapy because a cancerous tumor was found in the bladder and vagina.

During the consultations with the oncologist’s we were told that it was inoperable and any treatment (radiation or chemo) will not remove the tumor and they gave her approximately 12 months to live. She continued with monthly radiation treatment during July and August. Myself and a couple of other Pranic healers have been healing her and she listened to the Twin Hearts Mediation CD while in hospital. The people of a mountain village in Bali (where my brother has a house) have been praying as have the good folk of my mother’s church in Wonthaggi. And I have been blessing a wish with all the generous energies downpoured on us during the courses and meditations.

Prior to her September treatment she had a physical examination and much to the doctors surprise the tumor had disappeared. To date in January 2005 her tests show she is clear of the cancer.
Improved Health, by John McCallum, Melbourne.

For some years I have attempted to keep my health in check, utilizing the services of a naturopath, as I have had an ongoing problem with the over production of uric acid. My current naturopath diagnoses his patients with the latest Vega machine. Following tests by this equipment he is able to assess the patients health status by reading a meridian energy report print out. Around 12 months ago one of these reports on myself indicated that none of the pillars registered in the desired area. Today’s report registered 4 pillars in the desired area which is unprecedented in his experience with this equipment, measuring many thousands of people. He was amazed as he said no amount of nutritional or medical intake could have created such optimum health, it had to have come from another energy source. The only thing I have done differently in that time is practice meditation and complete the Basic and the Advanced Pranic Healing courses plus practice the techniques.

Healing mechanical engine, by Jillian Rodgers, Melbourne.

I was caught in traffic when Westgate freeway was closed for several hours and it took me over 3 hours to travel about 12k. Whilst I was driving over Westgate bridge my car (which is not very old) started to bellow out smoke from the engine – no doubt from overheating. Turning the engine off when possible didn’t seem to help. However when I gave the engine some Pranic healing., the smoke stopped within about one minute. and did not return!

Stuttering, by Holly Clark, Melbourne.

Thanks for the last 3 weekends…I am feeling in control of my life and empowered. I gave a healing using the Psychotherapy techniques to a 23 yo man who has stuttered for 15 years. He said he was experiencing the releasing feeling of past blockages relating to events around the time he started stuttering. Afterwards he spoke to me, in a clear confident tone, flowing speech and said that he felt wonderful..

Blood Clots, a personal testimonial by Teresa Bellino, Melbourne.

I Teresa Bellino wish to share this experience with anybody that needs a healing of a personal problem.

For the last 20 years I have had a problem, which consisted of aches and pains on both of my legs caused by blood clotting. Doctors told me that this was of permanent damage to my artery. The pain got so severe and unbearable my friend began to see pain in my face, she had recommended Pranic Healing with Dr Hazel Warda. This has been something I had been longing for ‘help’. So I gave it a go. At the end of the first class I began to notice a change within the lower part of my body and it wasn’t until the next day and the following week that I was free from this unbearable pain in my legs. I am amazed of the experience I have encountered on this journey. From my personal experience of suffering I would encourage anyone to try this. I am very thankful, as it has brought relief to me personally and to those around me. A big THANK-YOU to a very special lady, Dr Hazel Wardha.

Alcohol addiction overcome, by John Barrett, Melbourne.

During the Pranic Psychotherapy course the teacher was explaining the nature of addictions and asked for a volunteer. Up went my hand and I soon found myself on stage explaining that my addiction was alcohol and that I had been a heavy drinker for about forty years. I defined “heavy” as two or three bottles of wine a day – every day – plus a few beers whenever I felt thirsty. I had long since appreciated the risk to my health and even the risk to my relationship but try as I might every time I cut down I was soon back to drinking even more heavily. I could only cut down by physically not having any booze in the house, but my blood pressure soared and I quickly became worse than a bear with a sore head and impossible to live with. It was the one thing that hindered our relationship moving forward and I counted myself extremely fortunate to have such an understanding and supportive wife. The teacher was immediately able to describe the nature of my addiction to the class and he worked on my auric body for maybe five to ten minutes, during which time I had an incredible sensation of being bathed in a bright white light and the chains and shackles which had bound and restrained me for years being shattered and flung aside. Everyone who attended the course that day said that the person who walked off the stage was not the same one who had just walked on. I felt free, I felt kilos lighter, I walked tall, I was grinning like a Cheshire Cat and I knew that nothing could now stop Marie and I from achieving our wildest dreams

That was a year ago and the smile still hasn’t’t left my face. We still party with our friends, still go out to the pub in a group for meals, but the need for booze no longer exists. It’s best described as though the addiction has been surgically removed, as if it never existed, and I now find it hard to imagine that it was such a controlling influence on my life. Even my blood pressure is down over twenty points and I am thoroughly enjoying my new life, free at last from that dreadful affliction.

Finally I would just like to say that two years ago I hadn’t’t even heard of Pranic Healing, but I believe that if you knew now what little I already know about Pranic Healing, then not only would you be attending all these wonderful courses, you would also be making sure that everyone you personally cared about came along too.

High School student’s testimony, by Anthony Zaccaria, Melbourne.

I am just writing to let you of something that happened today at school!! My first assessment for English is an oral presentation which the whole class has to do.

Once I came up with my topic I got started on it weeks ago and was just blocked for days trying to write on it… so I did a healing and ideas started to flow. from about a week or 2 ago every night I would disintegrate the limitations. I did that every night leading up to my oral, and helped me come up with ideas along the way and allowed me to keep writing….

Of course I got an A for it! When I first started working on it about 3 weeks ago.. it was only about 5 minutes long… by Friday last week it had risen to a 22 minute oral! So I was very pleased with this. I received compliments from the whole class as to how good it was! I couldn’t’t believe it! This is the first A I have received in English since year 9! S o I just thought I would let you know about it! And thank you for bringing these Pranic healing techniques to us!

I will continue to use this for all my work and see how I go!

Healing a business, by Leanne Alush-Jaggs.

My husband’s business had more or less stopped for a month. No clients, no phone calls. He had started a computer business, made an error, which resulted in a reasonable size debt. Within the first week of my using the techniques I had learnt and used, he made enough money to wipe out the debt and the exact amount of money as a profit also. Within the second week he had doubled his profit of the previous week. The third week he was already completely booked with clients.

Testimony of a priest, by Rev. John Howard, Melbourne.

I found the three workshops that I attended on Pranic healing very valuable indeed….I am also grateful that the programs do not shun a religious outlook on life and , in fact, enhance an understanding of belief and the way God is at work.

Testimony of a corporate executive, by Djin Siauw. Gen Manager NEC.

The courses opened up for me, for the first time, a new dimension of knowledge and I could feel the human energy field.

Testimony of a High School Teacher by Cathy Scott, Melbourne.

I tutor year 12 Mathematics students….as a result of the Pranic healing courses I can now see so much more clearly where their confusion lies. I find I am guiding them through it rather than just telling them what to do. This is so much more self-empowering and meaningful for them as they are really learning it for themselves. I know that this is entirely due to the knowledge, understanding and affirmation I gained through the Pranic healing courses.

Testimony of a Naturopath, Margaret Crutch, Melbourne

During the course of my life I have attended many workshops, but none have had such a pronounced effect on every part of my life….

Testimony of a medical doctor, by Dr Peter Johnstone, Melbourne.

To me it was a link between mind and body, something which I have been trying to work with for a long time. The courses were good, interesting and very useful to me.

Testimony of a chiropractor, by Dr Michael Bay, Melbourne.

The courses were energizing, exciting, uplifting, exhilarating, friendly, full of love and inspiration.

Testimony of a Corporate Executive, by Caroline Shahbaz, Melbourne.

I use the techniques on senior managers to assist them to greater levels of clarity in their vision and wisdom in their actions. The techniques enable people in corporations to solve problems and reach cooperative decisions quickly and in general remove the many layers of dysfunctional baggage that disempower so many organizations.

Testimony of a structural Engineer, by Robert Babuin, Melbourne.

Our company had some labour problems. I was able to disintegrate the anger and aggression effectively with the techniques so that the discussions took place in an amicable manner.

Testimony from a Counselor, by Jenny Ingram, Kyneton.

A couple of days after doing the Basic course I healed the wheezing in my chest, the open and weeping blister on my heel and a few other minor problems. This was empowering and very satisfying.

Testimony from a mother, by Cheryl Shields, Sale.

Shortly after doing the Advanced Pranic healing course, my daughter had a blood nose; we didn’t have a hanky or tissues with us. I used the Pranic healing techniques and the bleeding stopped. Both girls have come to me with stings, cuts, pains in the tummy etc and I use the techniques on them and they run off happy. A work colleague was suffering stress and was overwhelmed by it. After the Pranic healing session, she couldn’t get over how relaxed she felt and nothing upset her for the next couple of days. I give thanks for bringing Pranic healing to Australia.

Testimony about dogs, by Kathleen Bishop, Melbourne.

When I took my two dogs for a walk one morning they were threatened by a large, very angry dog. All three were snarling, hackles up and looking like there was going to be a big fight. I used a Pranic healing technique and they all stood still and started to wag their tails – a miracle! The dog will not come anywhere near us now whenever we walk past that property!

Testimony of a therapist, by Janine Thompson-Stokel, Melbourne.

I have become a clear, protected, more vital counseling practitioner in myself after using the Pranic healing techniques, plus doing the twin Hearts Meditation helps enormously.

Testimony of a therapist, by E.A. Melbourne.

My grandmother has a bad case of arthritis. After one healing I gave her using what I had learned from the basic course, she said that she was able to partially open up the hand which was clenched before. It also reduced the pain that she was in. I have also healed my husband’s sore knee and his bad back. I always use the techniques on my two and a half year old son when he is in pain and his cring stops much quicker, especially when he is teething and gets up in the middle of the night. I feel different, I am more aware, I am more connected, I am happier, I am more peaceful.

Testimony of a grandmother, by Pat Lowe, Melbourne.

My daughter phoned from NSW to say that my five year old grand daughter was in hospital with cellulitis. I set to work, giving her distant Pranic healing. She was dramatically better and was discharged from hospital sooner than expected. The doctors could not believe that she could have improved so quickly. What can I say but thank you for bringing these skills to Australia.

Testimony of an interior designer, by Brenda Scanlon, Melbourne.

I find my awareness levels have grown considerably in a short time and the valuable insight I have gained through this experience has enriched my life.

Testimony of a natural therapist, by Judy Paterson, Bairnsdale.

While working in my garden I was bitten badly by a spider and there were red, raw blisters. Within five minutes of doing Pranic healing on the affected area the relief was amazing. Had the knowledge of Pranic healing not been available to me, it would have been most unpleasant as I live in the country. It has been made evident to me how special Grand Master Choa Kok Sui is and how simply amazing these techniques are that he has put together.

Testimony on Business healing, by Mrs O. P. Melbourne.

I did three Pranic healing treatments on our family business to increase material and spiritual prosperity. The outcome was that January, which has always been very quiet for our business, was busier than the pre Christmas period. We were flooded with orders

Healing a business for prosperity by a corporate executive, Melbourne.

Pranic healing techniques helped me to “treat” and improve dramatically the financial performance of a small business. The results were amazing.

Healing a business and its owner by a Dental nurse, Melbourne.

I was able to use the techniques successfully on a health care practice that was ailing. After “treating” the clinic environment and its staff, not only did the business improve dramatically, the therapist also overcame his persistent depression.

Pranic Psychotherapy on a racing hound, by Judy , Bairnsdale.

A racing dog was chronically, very nervous and apprehensive before each race. It was only after receiving Pranic healing that he overcame this and won the first prize of $15,000.

Pranic healing for menopausal symptoms, by Ra Barrett, Melbourne.

I was suffering from symptoms of menopause which caused great discomfort. About two weeks after the second Pranic healing all hot flushes had ceased! And I can assure you they were really bad and very frequent before (maybe ten or fifteen a day). I have not had a hot flush for months and I am rather amazed but I am so very happy and grateful not to have them any more.

Business healing, Marilu Packer, Melbourne.

My husband declared one night that he would be announcing bankruptcy the next day. I told him to hold off for a week and I started doing Pranic healing on his business. Within one week he got two large orders which wiped out the entire debt and thereafter he became so busy he had to work 7 days a week. He had to request me to “turn the tap down a bit!”.

Recovery from depression, by natural therapist, Karen Maguire, Melbourne.

I had been depressed for more than three years and none of the medical drugs were working and they created severe side effects. I am a naturopath but could not heal myself. After the first Pranic healing treatment with Dr Hazel Wardha I felt sensational and have sustained it and given up all the drugs. I have done the courses and find the techniques very useful .

Treatment for drug addiction, Dr Hazel Wardha, Melbourne.

One of the course participants was treated for a long standing marijuana addiction during the class by Master Gregory Castanarez. She was free from the addiction and felt it had been almost surgically removed.

I have since treated a few cases and so have a number of Pranic healers and we have found the results to be amazingly effective. The treatment is simple, safe and the results are fast.

Treatment for depression and anxiety, by Dr Hazel Wardha, Melbourne.

I have treated a number of cases of people with depression and the results have been rapid and effective.

Treatment for learning difficulties and Attention Deficit Disorder, by Dr Hazel Wardha, Melbourne.

Cases of learning difficulties, poor concentration and memory and Attention Deficit Disorder have responded well to Pranic healing.

Treatment for Pain control, by Dr Hazel Wardha, Melbourne.

Almost all cases of musculo skeletal pain respond almost instantaneously to Pranic healing.

Business healing by corporate executive, Litsa Minas.

My parents had been trying to sell their business unsuccessfully for two years. I used the treatment protocol for business healing and within one week they sold their business.

Financial healing by natural therapist, Brendan Rohan.

I am writing to say thank you again for the enjoyable courses…and for the “Basic chakra Financial Healing” performed during the Advanced course. I was one of the “paupers” , who came up to the front for healing, really just wanting to earn some extra pocket money. As a result of the healing, within a few days I have performed 22 paid healing’s since then and the phone continues to ring!! Amazing stuff.

Manifesting wishes by businessman, Laurie Alush-Jaggs.

I have been manifesting my wishes successfully…car parking spaces where I want them, rare books, financial success in my computer business, recovery of my valuable tools of trade stolen from my van.

Some cases by naturopath, Jillian Rodgers.

Case One: A patient had an ovarian cyst , which the doctor wanted to remove. After two Pranic healing sessions the doctor confirmed through ultrasound that the cyst had disappeared.

Case Two: A patient had a life-long fear of birds. After two sessions of Pranic Psychotherapy she feels quite confident with birds in her presence now.

Case Three: A patient had a great fear of flying. After one Pranic healing the fear completely disappeared and she sent me a postcard from Israel saying she had a lovely trip there.

Case Four: A patient had acute sinusitis and after a cat scan was put on 3 courses of antibiotics, which did not help. The patient was very concerned as he had to undertake a long flight and the doctor told him that his sinuses and ears would cause great pain I gave him one session of Pranic healing and all symptoms disappeared immediately and permanently.

Benefits of Arhatic Yoga by teacher, Terry Willingham.

After training in Pranic healing and Arhatic Yoga I have a large degree of Wholistic Wealth. I have abundance, am happier and have fun in my life whereas earlier I used to be depressed and my survival instincts were low. My meditations are deeper, I look forward to them. I feel still within myself and do not feel alone anymore. I have a sense of purpose and connection that has not been there before.

Headaches relief, Bill Whitefield.

After forty years of waking up to debilitating headaches, and not responding to strong medication, I received one session of pranic healing . To my joy, I have not had any headaches!

Fever treatment, Rosemary Colombo.

My daughter ,when she was 2 years old , had a very high temperature (40 degrees) for days from teething. Panadol did not seem to work. With one pranic healing the temperature went down to 37 degrees.

Motivation, Deb Ford.

I had lost my motivation to work, and being in the sales industry my income was suffering. After one pranic healing I sold double what I would in a normal month.” Deb Ford.

Treatment on a flat, Carol Muir.

I was unable to rent my two bedroom flat in North Balwyn for over six weeks. The flat was given a pranic healing and I rented it the next day.


Good will and the will to do good